February 28, 2024

D&A Wines

28th February 2024 So my friend Daniel decided to buy a pallet of red wine as gifts for his friends and clients. They needed a label! So here you go, first bottle of wine I’ve designed. Looks nice. The design comes from a photographed fragment of one of the many pieces of art he has […]

February 19, 2024

Short & Sweet 2024

So it’s done, we didn’t win but overall a successful bit of theatre. I shall keep watching future weeks to see if I can find more great actors. Sydney and Sarah enjoyed themselves I think. We did good. The play was ‘Grace’ by Wendy Gough Soroka. Here’s the poster I put together with my good […]

February 6, 2024

Westlake New Videos

Been helping a friend David Westlake over the last few months to create videos of his songs. All done well after the fact, but there’s a real charm to them. Only a handful of sources available for the older ones but still compelling I think.

February 1, 2024

Starting a Blog

Well I thought it useful to do this, to have a place to keep some records of what I get up to for others to see. As the saying goes, starting a blog is the way of maximising disinterest. Before this, only my friends were uninterested in what I would write online. Now, it’s literally […]